Insect collection comprises specimens of insects and their close relatives, including springtails (not considered insects currently) and arachnids. The insect collection is separated from invertebrate collection due to its large number and different protocol of preservation. These specimens are usually kept as pinned specimens. However, there are some specimens kept in solution.

Butterfly Collection

Curator: Natrada Mitpuangchon

Lepidoptera is one of the most diverse groups of insect. This order of insect consists of two sub-groups which are butterfly and moth. All lepidopterans registered in this collection are butterflies, 10,100 specimens from 950 species, accounting for 74% of butterflies found in Thailand1.

Springtail Collection

Curator: Dr.Sopark Jantarit

Springtail is a small invertebrate in phylum Arthropoda. It is located between crustaceans and insects in the evolutionary line, placed in class Collembola. The animals are very small (0.2 – 8 mm). They are very important as they assist decomposing process of organic matters. Currently, there are more than 8,000 classified species of springtails globally. In Thailand, of at least 4 orders, 14 families, 53 genera and 164 species of springtail have been reported.

In PSU Museum, there are type specimens of 6 collembolan species, including Cyphoderopsis phangnga Jantarit et al., 2013, Cyphoderopsis thachana Jantarit et al., 2013, Cyphoderopsis khaophang Jantarit et al., 2013, Cyphoderopsis cavicola Jantarit et al., 2013, Cyphoderus songkhlaensis Jantarit et al., 2014 and Cyphoderus khaochakanus Jantarit et al., 2014

Due to limited number of research and insufficient knowledge about taxonomy and ecology of springtails in Thailand, the number of registered springtail specimens in the museum is still low. However, the on-going research about springtails in caves of peninsular Thailand will enhance the knowledge in this field. The current study of the museum suggests that there could be at least 9 families, 23 genera and 61 species of springtails in the collection awaiting for identification and registered.

1EK-AMNUAY, P. 2007. Butterflies of Thailand. Fascinating insects. Vol. 2. (1st edition). Bangkok: Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Co., Ltd.