The PSU Museum has a wide range of duties, covering research and community service. In the organization, there are a number of specialists, therefore, it opens for any students to intern in both short period of less than 3 months or long period of a semester. Students can decide to participate in several fields, including

  1. Collection : students are expected to practice basic biological skills in specimen collecting, information management and specimen preservation in international standard.
  2. Exhibition : students are expected to apply their knowledge they have learnt from school to educate public. Interns will firstly learn about the preparation of specimens, including taxidermy, skeleton preparation and dry specimen preparation. Thee, they will practice information preparation, management and presentation.
  3. Outreach : outreach will allow people to learn from different kinds of experience, for example, special classroom, nature walk and youth camp. Interns are expected to practice management, collaborative and community service skills.
  4. Computer : the museum opens for student in computer fields, in particular computer graphic and database management to practice here. They will be assigned for particular projects.

From the above fields, students can participate in more than 1 field or can add some more jobs, depending on an agreement with the museum.