Kho Hong Hill is the closest green area next to Hat Yai city. This forest provides many ecological services to adjacent communities, including water source, fresh air producer and stock of local natural resources. Although areas of Kho Hong Hill are utilized for various purposes, some areas are protected for nature conservation, in particular the area under management of Price of Songkla University. This area is now protected under the Plant Genetic Conservation Project Plant Genetic Conservation Project under the Royal Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. It has been intensively studied so the information gained can represent the whole Kho Hong Hill. Therefore, the Kho Hong Hill Conservation Association, collaborated with the Department of Biology and the PSU Museum, had developed a nature trail in order to disseminate the knowledge to public.

Kho Hong Hill Nature Trail is located at the east of Prince of Songkla University next to the lecturer residential area. The trail cuts though secondary forest that emerges from abandoned rubber plantation, so walker can learn the process of forest recovery. Moreover, the trail is partly along with small stream, allowing walker to realize the importance of forest as water source. This stream runs down to the reservoir which is the main water source of the university. In addition, this 1.2 km trail also passes secondary forest developed after clearance and primary forest.

Within the trail, there are nature study stations which provide interesting stories about nature. There are activities or questions for walkers to participate in order to induce analytical thinking, for example, Water Bank gives information about forest as water source or Oxygen Producer has an activity for walkers to calculate oxygen produced by trees in Kho Hong Hill. Additionally, there are labels with information of plants and their utilities. Aside from signs and labels, walkers can also get document and brochure about the trail from the museum