Nature trails are like outdoor natural history exhibitions. Through the trail, visitors will find plants, animals and other organisms in their real habitats. In each visit, people will enjoy different things, making it very exiting learning experience. Although visitors can make a walk thought the forest by themselves, nature trails will enhance their understanding about nature and conservation. The trails also prevent walkers from getting lost. Nature trails allow tourists to enjoy nature; at the same time, it protects areas from too much disturbance from tourism. Accordingly, nature trails are one of the best practices using in protected area management.

To develop a nature trail, basic information about natural resources of the area is required. As raw data might be not attractive for visitors, it needs to be analyzed and interpreted into easy and convincing language. Hence, scientists primarily collect the data and then handle to communicators to simplify it. PSU Museum has developed a number of nature trails, in collaborations with many organizations, including some other departments in the university, Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, local administrative agencies, private companies and local communities. The aims of these nature trail developments are to create nature study facilities and to promote local natural resources conservation.