Youth camp is an extracurricular activity that allows young people to learn from practical experience. Moreover, the camp promotes social skill and inspires participants. Every year, the museum organizes several youth camps to let young people to learn about natural history, using adjacent protected areas. They can be divided into 3 categories, including

Conservation Camp​

Conservation camp promotes the importance of natural resources to young people and encourages them to learn about proper methods of conservation. Most of the participants are local students that live near protected area, thus, after completed the camp, they will involve or be important voices to protect their own natural resources.

Natural Study Camp

This type of camp focus on instructing participants about how to study natural resources and living things in an ecosystem. There are experts to guide and train some skills that compulsory in nature study. This camp mainly involves interested students.

Training Camp

Training camp allows participant to involve in a real natural history research excursion. Normally, this camp is set in every summer at Tarutao National Park. This area is full of interesting natural resources. The camp has participants from around the country. They are requested to register in order to be selected to take part in this camp.