Contact Details

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum
Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkhla University
Hatyai, Songkhla, 90112 THAILAND

Telephone : +66-7428-8070
Fax : +66-7444-6682
E-mail : phannee.s@psu.ac.th, saardrit@gmail.com


  • M.Sc. (Ecology) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
  • B.Sc. (Biology) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Research Interests

The research had been focusing on the zooplankton and bioassessment. The research question focus on various aspects including ecology of Cladocera and bioassessment of water quality in Thailand, especially in Peninsular Thailand.

Recent Research Activities

  • The plankton community in relation to environmental factors along Khanom Canal, Khanom Beach and South Sea Islands, Nakorn Si Thammarat Province (Funding by BRT and TOTAL)
  • Biodiversity, community structure and bioassessment of water quality in Thong Pha Phum, Thailand (Funding by Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT) and TOTAL)
  • Plankton of the Songkhla lake basin (Focus on Rotifer)

Publications (Selected)

  1. Beamish FWH, Sa-ardrit P (2007) Abundances and habitat sensitivities of some fishes in Thailand. Tropical Freshwater Biology 16:57-73
  2. Beamish FWH, Sa-ardrit P (2006) Siluriform fishes and their habitat in small rivers in central Thailand. Tropical Freshwater Biology 15:1-21
  3. Beamish FWH, Sa-ardrit P, Tongnunui S (2006) Habitat characteristics of the Cyprinidae in small rivers in central Thailand. Environmental Biology of Fishes 76:237-253
  4. Beamish FWH, Griffiths RW, Kongchaiya C, Sa-ardrit P, Sonchaeng P (2005) Seasonal abundance and richness of fishes in three Thailand streams: influence of discharge in Thailand streams. Tropical Freshwater Biology 14:37-60
  5. Sa-ardrit P, Beamish FWH (2005) Cladocera diversity, abundance and habitat in a Thailand stream. Aquatic Ecology 39:353-365